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Card Questions

Dec 20, 2008
Ok, I have the pips...I think..and yet many of my cards are not available in battle. Any input is useful.

Game suggestion...make the messages boards available from the game without having to log out of the game.


Autumn Mistsong

Dec 12, 2008
i know i have the same problem. i got 2 pips then i get a power pip and it screws me up because for some reason it wont let me use my 4 pip spell.its really annoying when you really need the card and you die because of this problem. i dont know if they did that on purpose or its a bug.

-Ian DeathShard

Dec 19, 2008
hey at first i didnt understand it either.but then i found out that you can only use power pips in you school. ok lets say this you have a helephant and stormzilla and your primary school is fire(like me).then you have 4 pip and a power pip that ecuals 6 pips but for storm school as your secondary that would equal 5 becuse it's like having a normal pip.so having a power pip only goes with your primary school. hope this helps you

Dec 02, 2008
You don't have to log out of the game to post here. Just open a browser and switch between windows.

Is your complaint that you don't draw the card you want when you need it, or that you have enough pips but the card is still grayed out?

This is an old thread, so the original poster might well be gone by now, of course.