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Can't see my friend's other character

Oct 29, 2008
My friend created a new character because he wanted to play a Life Wizard. When he logs in with his original character I have no problem with seeing him in the game and he is on my friends list. But when he enters the game as the new character and we try to find each other I can't see him in the game anymore. We have made sure that we are in the exact same place in the game too. Is there a reason why I would be able to see him as one character and not the other?

The friends list is not account wide, it is only character specific.
You will need to either meet up with your friend in the game as the new character, or if you know each other outside of Wizard101 you can exchange a True Friend code.
To learn more about True Friend Codes, see our True Friends Page

Feb 11, 2009
You have to make sure that you both are in the exact same place, area #, and realm. If not, then you guys will be looking for each other in all the wrong realms/areas. try meeting each other in the wu realm and area 1. It seems to be more quieter and doesnt slow down the computer with the crowded people like in the other realms. I hope this helps :)

~ Mark Dawndust Grandmaster Diviner