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Can't join tournament-please help!

Apr 28, 2012
My Daughter purchased to be in a tournament early Sunday morning on May 4, 2014. She has spent most of the day anxiously awaiting to participate in this "tournament" and continues to be put off to the next one due to "not enough players" or "Diego can't find an arena available". I can assure you she does have much better things to do with her day than to sit here and wait around to participate. Granted she enjoys playing this game but she purchased this in hopes of fulfilling her much anticipated tournament participation and can't for unnecessary reasons that are completely uncalled for. If it is this big of an issue for her to be able to complete this transaction, I am demanding something be done about it. I know she is doing it properly because I have ensure this after about the 3rd try today. I need someone to get back in touch with me as soon as possible as this is very ridiculous!!! She was very excited this morning to spend her hard earned chore money to be much disappointed by this game today!

May 12, 2009
what type of tournament did she join? if it were a multiperson such as a 2v2-4v4 then she may have needed a partner to play if she didnt have one already other then that i have no idea what could be wrong and this does seem very unfortunate and its the type of frustration that seems to happen allot in this game lol, well i hope it gets fixed so good luck with that

Sep 17, 2012
It's not really a "bug" that they can control. With tournaments there needs to be enough people joining to have one. It's a necessary "flaw" in the idea of tournaments. The real problem with the system is that they should immediately refund crowns if the tournament is cancelled or is too full, instead of just saying try the next one.