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Can't go to other worlds

Feb 18, 2017
hi, i'm very confused about the worlds.
Like i finished a world, then when i try to go to that world, it says "That area is quite not ready for you." then it shows the options, "retry" and "close".

For instance, my friend asked me if we could do a skeleton key boss in mooshu. I said yes. then when I was gonna teleport, it says "that area is not quite ready for you." but then the "retry" button was grey. I even restarted my game, it still didn't work.

Then i tried it with other worlds, it did the same thing. I'm level 118 and all the worlds already downloaded before.
So please help with this situation. I'm pretty sure this is a kind of bug, i've been struggling with ever since Emperyea came out. The only worlds i can go to is now Mirage, Khrysalis, Avalon, and Wizard City.

So please, answer. I don't want to deal with this struggle again.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
What that message means is that the game has to reload data. Usually, it just takes a few minutes and you can see progress as the game downloads the world data in your upper left hand corner. It will show progress as an increasing percentage beside the W101 logo.

Every time you log off and reboot, you interrupt the download and then you have to start over. So just be patient and wait it out. Then retry when the data transfer is complete.

Alia Misthaven