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can't get back out of the boss's room

Jan 02, 2011
Toci Two Face sends the wizard after a statue.

The statue is missing a head and the wizard has to enter a one room dungeon, fight a lizard, and retrieve the head.

In case it matters, both characters in this battle were on a two person mount when activating the sigils to go in, and only the person controling the mount clicked X.

The battle went off perfectly normal.

The boss gave over the head and the charcters were each able to select the head after the battle.

but now they are both standing at the exit door and are unable to leave except by porting to some other character, going to their house or hitting the recall button and going to the Zocolo.

Not real sure why this has happened. I didn't lose link in the battle, didn't buy henchmen, didn't flee out or do anything unusual.