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Can't continue the Lost Pages Quest

Apr 16, 2014
I got the Lost pages Quest in Wizard City and completed the quest and turned it in. Then that was it. It gave me no new quest to do. The quest line says that Simeon did not give me a new quest. Nothing is in my quest log book. And there is not yellow exclamation mark over Simeon's head.
so what do I do, or where do I go to get the next part of the quest?

Scarlet ShadowStone Exalted

Nov 27, 2013
Okay I had the same problem. So this is what I did, I went to the Wizard101 website and clicked on the information about the quest. Then I found out that i had to continue the quest like i already had it (if that makes since). So when i went to talk to the next person that had the quest (which for you would be in krock. given by sergeant Major Talbot (i believe). I hope that helped