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Can't complete daily assignments

Apr 18, 2013
Dear Ofelia on May 29, 2019 wrote:
that's well and all, but what about the ones that didn't send in a ticket in? Or didn't know how to?

I missed 2 days worth of daily quests, but didn't send in a ticket in for it. I posted in the bug forum, like many have as well instead.
They refused to update my DA. I kept telling them to ask Sparck about it, but apparently they made him change his reply to reflect theirs. CS apparently thought that the next time the DA didn't work meant it evened out not working from the week before.

Sparck, we all understand this new time it happened it got fixed, but there was still the matter of the other time, from the prior weekend.

Let's just hope it's fixed for good now.

Mar 19, 2017
For me it's Aug. 7th 2019 and I had this issue on two of my characters.