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Cannot Move on!

May 06, 2015
So as a life wizard, I recently hit lvl 100 so when I did I of course rushed straight to Darkmoor. But a problem came up after I went to go back to questing. So in what's called "Fort Rachias". So after fighting multiple bosses and opening the levers to the next area I advanced to lvl100 and then left, so when I did come back I guess that all the doors closed again because it was a dungeon? Well it's not for one, and when I retraced my steps you might say to go and open these levers once again, it doesn't work, the gates don't open. So i'm officially stuck and the only way I would see fit to get through again would be to teleport to another player... but then what if the next accessible area is through there again? Well then I don't know but, hopefully some of the wizard101 tech guys can help out here.


Please send an email to support@wizard101.com with the name of the quest you are stuck on for assistance.