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Cannot get to the Storm Boss for Insane Bolt?

Jul 08, 2009
So I wanted to get enfeeble and healing current as spells, I am due for them. I am level 75 and I saw I needed insane bolt before I got them. I was like "ok." the quest is available when you finish the quest " Su Su Sudrilund." I talked to Eric WyrdRune and got the quest. It wouldn't let me go through the ice, obviously. "Su Su Sudrilund," should not be the quest to activate the level 55 spell quest. The ice is not gone by that time and you need to go through the ice. The teleporters lead from by the there but there are no teleporters to teleport from the hub in Sudrilund. I was so excited to get all three spells, but I cannot until I do the next quest. Please change the activation of the level 55 spell quest to after " Calling Ketill Black."

Christopher LifeHeart