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Cannot Enter Rock Dojo in Mooshu

May 24, 2008

Quest: Do You Mind
Goal: Locate Rock Dojo
Problem: Dojo will not let me enter, even though it is blue.

I was supposed to find my peace within the rock garden, go to the dojo, then go back and talk to Lo Pang. So I went into the rock garden, found my center, and the dojo lit up blue. However, I cannot enter it, no matter how hard I push on the doors

I figured I would post this here, in case anyone else was having the same problem.

My sources tell me that even though the light is blue, the Dojo is actually a different building. This is a known issue for which a fix is in the pipeline.

Aug 04, 2008
That quest can be completed by entering the gate to Yoshihito Temple. There we can find the book for the quest.
Also bug with Yochimo's quest. We can't find him in the Water Dojo but in the gate to Kishibe Village. Oakheart and his friends also in this gate for the final quest.

May 24, 2008

Thank you so much! Sorry I did not know about this, I tried searching before I posted...