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Can you please move the home button on the map?

Jun 04, 2008
Hi there,

I seem to have a problem when I go to click the "X" to close the map. Sometimes I accidently hit the home button instead of the X. This is extremely frustrating, especially after going through the cave of sorrows, get to the other side, Look at the map to see where to go next and hit the wrong button and "poof" you are back at home base.

I have 2 solutions for this problem.

1. Move the home button and the room button to the other side of the map.

2. Add a message to the home and room buttons that says "Are you sure you want to go home?" and then give us 2 options either "ok" or "cancel".

Thank you for helping to fix this little problem.

Rowan DeathDreamer

Sep 06, 2008
That is a very good suggestion. I have done that at least twice when I was tired and man, it stunk.
I'd say move them to the other side or on top.

Aug 04, 2008
Totally agree. This happened to me several times and some friends also complained about this. Would be nice if the Home and Dorm buttons placed far from the X button.
Also the Equip and Delete button are so close to each other once i deleted my Jade Oni Vestment accidentally. A bit sleepy at that time so i just clicked yes when confirmation box appeared.

Jun 12, 2008
I've never had this happen personally, so I can't comment on it. That being said, if it's an issue for some players, I like option 2, but in order to make it viable there would need to be a check box under your settings to allow the confirmation box to be turned off (I wish there was one for teleport to friend, too). This would allow the confirmation for those who need it, but not penalize those who don't.