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Can Bag or Bank Capacity Affect Game Performance?

Nov 21, 2013
Question I've been wondering for a while. On my main Wizard, I have noticeably worse frame stuttering and lag compared to my newer ones. I'm having a hard time determining whether it's a client or server-side issue. My Internet is stable and fast without any packet loss or interruptions, my computer specs are beyond capable for this game, and my framerates stay consistent despite an apparent, predictable stuttering. It does not happen at any specific location and relaunching the game has not helped. It comes and goes which is what made me initially assume this is a server related issue on their end, but I'm now questioning that as well because I noticed it rarely happens on my other Wizards.

My main has a backpack that is kept clean of items (no more than 40 at a time), but I carry over 900 of 5 different mega snacks on it. I have 3 houses with full gardens that have reached their item limits, my treasure cards regularly sit around 500+ out of 999, and I have 11 pages of reagents in my bank of which many are at the full capacity of 999. Can anyone tell me if this may be the culprit? I'd appreciate a response from @Dworgyn if you're free.

Oct 09, 2017
No that should not be affecting your frame rate at all since that is not loaded in with the picture at that time, only a large amount of entities loaded on a screen at once can cause frame rate problems, and even with your bag open it doesn't matter how much snacks you have since there is only one snack but with a number that is simply just to show your full count on snacks which should not effect your game performance. Internet connection shouldn't affect frame rate anyways, your computer affects frame rate and in game lag, your internet effects the actual connection to the game. Same with the server related issue on Wizard's end, that will not affect your frame rate (the graphics of a certain game can depending on how updated they are compared with your computer, but i'm sure that's not what you meant.) Your house and your garden COULD however effect frame rate, since there is a lot of entitiys loaded on a screen in the same view point, but like I said your count of a certain snack and reagents is nothing but a number.

Nov 21, 2013
My framerates do not fluctuate and consistently stay above 100fps both when the stuttering is happening and when it isn't. I can't figure out what causes it and why it seems to be more common on my main. It feels like packet loss and latency, but my Internet is completely stable as well and I've tested for these things on multiple different games and 'sites. Multiple computers over the years and different Internet connections and yet the problem still persists from time to time. Every second or so it's like the entire frame freezes for a split second. It's not random or unpredictable, it's a nauseating screen stutter that can be anticipated and timed. I've heard many others say they experience the same thing in game as well. Is this is a server related issue?

Dec 31, 2009
I actually think it does! I have 2 accounts and play them on one computer, the one with less "stuff" always loads faster!

Nov 21, 2013
Update: I think I've finally (hopefully) narrowed down the problem and solution. I have kept 5 stacks of mega snacks in my inventory that have all sat around 750-999 for the past few years. I started having the stuttering again after leaving an area and it was staying regardless of which area I went to and restarting my gain. Placing all of my snacks and reagents into my shared bank immediately stopped it and I'm going to continue playing/testing this in various other locations to see if it was the issue. If this is indeed the problem, some clarification as to why it happens would be nice. I'm assuming it has to do with rendering/processing the volume of items on a character at all times whereas keeping everything in the bank takes the burden off. I don't know why or how - or if this is even the problem - but maybe I've got it all worked out now.

Jan 18, 2010
In my experience, it does.

Whenever your bag pack is full, I notice that loading and lagging is a bit more longer and common as per it isn't.

Which is why I try to keep the amount to a minimum and as such, always selling.

You can try the experiment of your own.

Fill your bag pack, quest for a day, then empty it and do the same. Compare your results and see if it actually does o: