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Camera Needs and other Film-maker-friendly Ideas

Nov 26, 2008
I tend to make videos of games i play and wizard101 is no exeption. I love this game for filming because of how well it plays even when recording with sound ( if you never used one a screen recorder tends to make lag even more when recording sound, i have very little lag when recording w101 with sound). Most of the options w101 has are very helpful, the removing name tags and speach bubbles are very useful. Yet a few things make it hard to film, the following are camera fixes and ideas.

1st-person camera - at most zoomed in level you are only behind your wizard's head. The only way to get a 1st-person camera angle, is to stand next to a wall or building, it gets the job done but working walls arnt everywhere and happen when not needed. Basicly this just makes the camera zoom in enough to go where the wizards eyes would be.

Major Zoom-out - zoom as stated above is every limited, this will make a very big zoom out but with a upward tilt so at max zoom out you can get a good few of the area, this can only been used in safe areas.

Remove Buttons- Health/Mana, friends list, compass, and menu chat my be useful but when recording it makes the film look poorly made, and the health meeter is so tall that even when cropping them out of the video it looks very unbalanced.
This is basicly a toggle button so i wont have to crop as much and get movie looking film. ( cropping gives a widescreen movie feel but over cropping looks bad )

Green Screen House items - With being a film maker i love using the green screen effect, but wizard101 lacks a solid green serface. This is basicly a house item, it will turn the room and items in it completely solid green and will close off the door with a wall that you can walk through. This can be used to make many different films. Along with this i will like skyboxes ( including green screen green ) that you can change to give your house a different look.

Video Contests???- Some games hold theese in order to get more popularity by making the videos being posted on popular video hosting sites, They would basicly been giving prizes to anyone who enters and more prizes to best videos. Wizard101 can do contests and give a contest only item, the movies can be family projects or just something fun to do and even if it doesnt turn out as good you still get the entry item plus wizard101 gains some popularity.

Jul 17, 2008
Although im not a filmmaker, I like the ideas.