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Call for help?

Aug 30, 2008
Is there anyway we could have an optional feature that alerts everyone in the world that someone is in need of help when entering an instanced level? In the areas where only upgraded players are allowed, I find it difficult to get a group together or figure out if there is anyone else wanting to put a group together. I don't want to jump on the message board every time I'm entering a challenging instanced level (Sunken City, Kensington, etc)

Community Leader
Having everyone everywhere know when you need instance help? That could get a little spammy.

Have you asked the people on your friends list?

That's my first go-to spot when I need instance help.

Sep 08, 2008
Yea, that would need the game to implement something that would tell people they are looking for groups.

Instead of an automatic alert, or an alert that is issued out across players, there should be an option to turn on a "flag" of sorts that lets others know you are seeking help.

Final Fantasy XI so far has the best help seeking flag system that I know of. A character turns on the flag, and people would be able to read a custom note about what you need help with. An exclamation point would appear next to your name in the world, or next to your name on someone's friend list.

Also, from the interface, you would be able to search out everyone that is currently seeking help, being able to select different wizards, and read their messages about what kind of help they would be looking for.

This also makes an excellent system for seeking out groups, or making groups, for instances lets say, or difficult boss fights.