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Bugs in Grizzleheim

Nov 21, 2010
I activated the green teleport stone in Ravenscar, but I cannot seem to use it.
The red teleport stone works fine.

Also, when I was doing the dungeons in Nidavellir, the day before, the drops were not showing up.
They would show in my inventory, when I checked.
They however would not show to the left like normal, when they dropped.
The same goes for reagents. They would show in my inventory, but not when I picked them up.

I logged off numerous times and even shut down Wiz101, but the same thing still happened.

Today I am able to pick up reagents in Nidavellir, but I haven't entered the dungeons.

Strikes me as kind of odd.

Feb 28, 2012
This glitch is happening with one of my wizards (Grace SoulWalker), but not the other (Fred WildPyre). No idea if my third (Brian BattleBreaker) has this glitch or not, he has not opened Ravenscar yet.

Aug 02, 2012
Did you leave the dungeon pea?

If did,the stuff you earned will be in your backpack.

Glad if it helped.