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Bugs in Dragonspyre.

Dec 09, 2008
We finally defeated Malistaire and hit level 50 (Yippee!!!! :P ) but are not getting any XP now. I did see the post about the XP not being given now till the summer term is added, so no biggy. We will just work on leveling our other peeps. I would like to know how the fixing of the bugs on the drop items is going though. We have like five or six items, I think, that have cards with them that give zero cards. We are just going to bank them for now, as a couple are for other schools than our lvl 50 peeps, and hope that there will be an option to share items in the banks between characters on the same account. We definitely would like to be able to use them as they are some great drops.

Blessed be,


We have fixed these bugs on the Test Realm, but they need to be double checked. When we're sure they're completely fixed, we'll be putting them on the Live Realms.