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Bugs and Changes

Oct 11, 2008
ok some things that i think would be best if changed are:

1. we should get the book quest in wizard city Before we fight " Lady Blackhope in unicorn way" so that we dont have fight the bosses lady blackhope and the boss in fireglobe theatre and a few others again to get the books.
2.it would be best if one of three things happen after beating malistaire in dragonspyre (ONE) you get the malistare robe for Your Class. (TWO) you get malistaire athame (or other item if theres anything else).(THREE)you dont get any malistaire item.
3. if you dont add number 2 can every malistare robe be sold at the same price maybe 3000 gold(and maybe increase the chances of getting your robe)

May 02, 2009
they all seem like good ideas, but remember, for the book quest, some bosses can actually be bipassed for the books, so you don't have to actually fight some of the bosses for that quest.

I'm not entirly sure about the mallistiares robes being sold at the bazaar, maybe being able to trade them with other wizards on your account, if we can't already do that.

I do like the idea about getting your school robe for beating Mallistiare, because when I fought him as I think an Adept, I got his Purgatory cloak, it gave some power pip chances, some attack and defence boost, plus a Cetaur card, but it was for level 50+ Life wizards only, so I ended up selling it at a shop.

I think it's a good idea nonetheless.