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Bug with plus healing items

Jan 20, 2009
If I have a life minion summoned and she casts the +30% healing "blade" on me, this +30% applies to the heal-over-time portion of a sprite spell. However, if I have a plus outgoing healing item equipped, this bonus is only applied to the immediate healing and not the heal-over-time amount. Please look into this.

Feb 05, 2009
while on that topic, guiding light does increase things like sprite and regenerate, but I was wonder why if you hit with a damage over time spell, and a shield reduces the incoming damage it doesn't reduce the damage over time too, unless you have other shields up, I am not for taking away a damage overtime ability to take away shielding but if you have one up when first hit with shouldn't reduce the condition also well? As for the previous condition items sometimes have stat for incoming and outgoing.. if it is out going is spells you cast out. if it is incoming it spell cast on you or secondary healing things like a ghouls ability to send some of it damage incoming to you.