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Bug Report Collection

Jul 25, 2010
Heya, I've just wanted to give my fair share of bug reports I've encountered recently. These may have already been reported, but I wanted to simplify my encounters with potential bugs.

These will be listed from major bugs to minor bugs, top to down.

-The "Critical Blocked!" animation appears to have been removed or no longer works, despite critical blocks still occurring.

-Critical hits/heals will be severely less amplified if you have less critical rating. For example, a non-critical Sacrifice will heal for 700, but a critical heal (on a level 130 death with 18 death critical rating) will only heal for ~900 (assuming no outgoing nor incoming).

-You seem to be able to block your own critical heals. Assuming a critical heal will not change critical ratings mid-heal, I sometimes heal myself (say, with a unicorn) (with 29% incoming healing) for LESS than someone with no incoming healing.

-Bosses that have a "Tardiness will not be tolerated!" cheat will not occur if the player joins during the countdown phase, no matter what round it is.

-The preview hud that appears over all participants in battle (the popups that show the critical ratings, damage, healing multipliers, etc.) is often incorrect.

-Some instances seem to actually heavily reduce your shadow pip ratings. I've done multiple Omen runs recently, and it takes up to an average of 7 rounds to gain my first shadow pip, even with ~100 shadow pip rating. This has been noticed by other players as well.

-The stats page seen on other players is occasionally incorrect (most notably, the accuracy portion of other wizards is often off by 1.)

-On the round after someone is stunned, the center instance triangle (the model that points to the person who is casting a spell) will be delayed for a significant time before the person who was stunned can cast a spell.

-Often, when someone casts a bubble, the model of the bubble itself will be frozen until the cast has finished completely.

-Other wizards can occasionally be stuck in the first or last frame of the jumping animation (they appear to be crouched).

-Mounts will sometimes have their "moving" audio synced and played incorrectly.

-The audio for pet casts in battle is off-sync with the casting animation.

-Pets will often move during their cast animation, and it looks awkward.

-If a pet fizzles a cast, the school of the spell cast is visible for a brief moment, unlike what happens when a pet doesn't fizzle a cast.

-Sometimes, other wizards' wands will not be visible during a battle.

-Sometimes when entering an area while still holding forward, your mount animation will be significantly slower than usual.

That's everything I could think of this late at night. Thanks for reading!