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bug in khrysalis

Dec 05, 2012
ok, so I have the quest in khrysalis to do the quest "free mouse" in a dungeon in the lost bastion. so I completed it with a friend but when I beat the last fight, it said I only beat one of the mice. so I go out and back in. but when I go in and go to the mice location there is no mice. I tried having a friend go in and having me teleport in. but it still has no mice there. so I am stuck on my quests in khrysalis all because of a tiny bug! can an instructor please try to patch this or can you please help me continue? it is not something you did wrong that I am stuck, but can you please help me? :(

Dec 30, 2009
Change realms and try again, this seems to fix no spawning bugs for me.