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BUG: Crafting Slot Ready & NOT Ready at Same Time!

Feb 24, 2014
sometimes if i am at the crafting table when a Slot is about to open, the 'Slot Ready' comes up in place of the countdown timer as it should... but the 'Create' button is still greyed out and does not function... and mousing over it says that there are no available slots...

i have seen this at all of the crafting tables... including those in worlds (e.g., Grizzleheim Crafting Table)...

my work-around is to go outside of the room i am in and re-enter... then the 'Create' button works (is not greyed out and functions)... but this is a hassle as i have had to do this many times now...

and yes, i make sure i have all of the required ingredients... and like i said, it works with my work-around...