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Buddy List / Friend list - Error / Blank

Apr 12, 2011
ok am I the only one who, on my crowns / zones account, has this problem?

I have 2 wizards on it. Both have same name, same school... they are different levels.

I used one as a port robot ( before they created tours in the commons ) so that my wizards from this account and lots of other friends could port to my many different houses, to play pagoda and winterbane, on her.

The other one I was using as a battle wizard. ( her list still works, and has her Battle Buddy's only, as friends )

For several months now, my robot wizard can not see anyone on her friends list !!!
It is completely blank to me.

But, all my friends can see her and some still use her to port to my house.

If she were to want to go battle, she can not invite anyone to port, as she can not see anyone on her list. ( None of the friend list catagorys. ie: on line - off line - ignored )

The gifting icon on her is blackened and the tours show nothing under friends.

Some people tried to add her to their friends list today and they told me, the message says she is "no longer availiable."

Yes I have contacted tech support, they seem to key in on the gifting thing and not the fact that the whole buddy/friend list is messed up and has a bug in it.

Also, I am writing from my member account.. there is nothing wrong with my member account, so do not mess it up please. It is on my crowns / zones account that has the problem.

I just want to know if anyone besides me has this problem. But because you have to be a member to post, it is doubtful I will get any answers.

I would have asked this question from the offending account, but she can not post here to ask the question, as it is a crowns/zones account only right now.

Anyway thank you for letting me ask my question :)
Sophia Dragonheart
Trains pets in Pixie realm.