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Bringing life to the world of Wizard101

Dec 12, 2008
Usually when i travel through town whether it be wizard city, marleybone, or even the large village section of mooshu i look around and think it feels empty. It seems for the most part that the only npc's are ones that have to do with quests and shopkeeper's. And while the towns and such are well designed they need more activity. It just seems more like we're playing a level in a video game than actually being immersed in the story we venture through. In short we need more npc's even if their not part of a quest to make wizard101 feel more alive than just the players populating the towns and such.

As for what kinds of npc's i've already have a few suddgestions, and for the most part these are just things you would find in real life.

- npc's that show the worlds people living their everyday lives as the adventure plays out.
- roaming npc's that walk around interacting with the town's inhabitants.
- npc's that appear at certain times. ( you could also incorporate a day and night cycle with this which would just be great )
- actual student's in the spell schools classrooms, and any other place you would expect people.

(They could even provide background info for the current worlds scenario/story.)

Sorry i have to cut this short for now but i do look forward to replies from fellow wizards + staff and their thoughts on this matter.