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Boris Quests in Wizard City - Missing???

Jul 12, 2008
I am not sure if this should be bring this up here or in the Wizard City Forum.

I created a new wizard to start over(since we cant read any of the peoples names in world, we needed something that we knew the quests easily so we could ACTUALLY play till you get this fixed. Hopefully much sooner then later!)

When we got to the point that we needed to battle Lady Blackhope in Unicorn Way, we realized that we did not get 3 Boris quests. We did not get the Roving Reporter to talk to the teachers, or the trees and the biggest one is that we didnt get the Book Quest for the different areas.

Are we no longer getting these quests? Is this another bug from the last update? Can someone please explain because I do not want to have to do ALL the bosses in Wizard City over again to get the books.

Thank you for your time,

Heather Ravenblood
(I had to use my niece's account since I am the parent account and can not use mine to post in forum...)

Once you reach level 10 you will be asked to complete these quests for Boris and Halston.

Jul 12, 2008
Can you tell me when this changed? All of our other wizards got these quests when Olivia sent us to see Boris while in Unicorn Way. Would be nice to have it so we could again complete it as we go instead of now having to back track at a certain level.

Aug 20, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Once you reach level 10 you will be asked to complete these quests for Boris and Halston.

Is there a reason for waiting to level 10? It seems a little silly to have to backtrack to a bunch of bosses you've already defeated just to get the books.

Aug 04, 2008
Maybe devs just want us to have nostalgia trip
to these bosses for Boris quest lol.

But the problem i think is the rewards for this
quest are items for Level 5 so they are of no use
because we got the quest when we are already Level 10.
I hope devs would change the reward for this quest
with items for Level 10+ wizards.