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Black Mantle - Bug

May 19, 2014
Well the spell black mantle has a bug.

Say like i cast the black mantle on someone

they try to cast a spell back on me and they fizzle.

The black mantle will be gone.

Also when they cast SHIELDS.

The black mantle also takes effects there,and does nothing at all.

Unless they do attacks and they don't fizzle that's when it comes in handy.

But please fix the fizzling and shields

- Valdus Spell.

Sep 17, 2012
You post makes no sense at all. There's no bug with Black Mantle. Black Mantle lowers their accuracy by 45% for the next spell cast, increasing their chance of fizzle. That's exactly what it's supposed to do. Black Mantle has no effect on the strength of an attack, it only affects whether or not they fizzle. Weakness is the spell that affects attack damage by -25%

Aug 25, 2013
There's nothing wrong with black mantle. It doesn't mean someone will always fizzle when it is used against them.

If someone casts a shield: 100% - 45% accuracy = 55% chance they will still cast the spell.

If someone has gear and/or a pet that gives them 15% more accuracy or they are in infallible (15%) then it is 115% - 45% = 70% chance of still casting the spell.

If they try to cast a fire attack spell (let's just use fire as an example) then 75% - 45% = a 30% chance of still casting the spell. It's a small chance but it still happens.

In PvP I remember someone cast smoke screen + sirens (-45% + -50% someone do the math on that :P) and I still was able to cast my scarecrow (Total accuracy for me is 91% without the smoke)

So nothing is wrong with black mantle. It doesn't mean the enemy will always fizzle it just means they have more of a chance to fizzle.

-The RavenCatcher


Aug 20, 2008
It's not a bug. Black Mantle decreases the accuracy by 45% to ALL spells, shields included. Remember, it just decreases the accuracy. It doesn't dispel it. So there will always be a chance that they can cast the spell that they were about to cast. So once a spell is cast, regardless whether or not the spell fizzles, the black mantle will go away. I hope I helped.

Sarah DeathBringer - Promethean Necromancer