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Big Glitch

Mar 01, 2015
I have a second wizard aside from my balance wizard, and that wizard is level 25 . Recently, I was questing in my storyline quests for Marleybone and all of a sudden I have to defeat Timmy Icepick. After a while, and many many tries later, I had finally defeated him, it said "quest completed" but it didnt give me a new quest. So I went into my spellbook to see what quest I had to lead up to it. I saw the quest title, "the only one left" but there was no quest. The space in between was just blank.I tried logging in all over again to refresh it, but there was still nothing. So I just left it alone like that and continued to quest on my other wizards. After a few weeks, I went and checked back on it again. There was still nothing. So I decided to look up the name of the quest to see what followed up after Icepick so I could just do it. The website said to talk to William Pugsby, so I went to talk to William Pugsby. He said " Fight Timmy Icepick on the opposite end of the street." I was confused, because I had already done that quest. But then I started second guessing myself, thinking that since it was weeks or months ago that happened, I may have not even defeated him at all. So I went back to Timmy Icepick and defeated him again. After that, it told me that my quest was completed, (again) and to go talk to William Pugsby. So I went back to him, and he told me the same exact thing! "Fight Timmy Icepick on the opposite end of the street." I dont know what to do here, Ive tried everything, and since this is a storyline quest, I cant move on until I have this finished.

Your help would be much appreciated,
Jasmine Spellcaster lvl 25