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Beating Malistaire Rewards( plus another idea )

Nov 26, 2008
Currently there are no rewards at all when you return to headmaster after beating malistair he basicly says get back to work. My main idea is to have a spell that is made to help greatly in pvp or farming ( both are main post-quest activitys ). Do note that NONE of the spells do any damage what so ever and i even balanced the spells so they couldnt be spammed.

Storm- Convert shield to trap- Since storm is all about damage shields can be big problems, this spell converts all shields on the target into traps. Backfire- also converts traps into shields, 5 pips ( to advoid spamming ) 70% accuracy.

Ice- Reflecting Shield- This basicly reflects the next incomming move back to the sender. Backfire- also reflects healing. ( in the animation after the "buff pause" the spell will turn around and attack the sender, in a multi-target spell only one attack will be sent back to caster, in a myth double attack only the first will be reflected ) 3 pips, 80% accuracy

Fire- Smog- Creates 3 turns of unpredictable target ( find a better smaller name lol ) - basicly for the next 3 turns everyone is affected, you might not attack the person you choosen to attack, you may attack someone else a team mate or even yourself. This also effects healing and any other spells. 4 pips 75% accuracy

Death- Convert Healing to Attack- self explanitory, say your in pvp and the person your going agienst is going to heal and you dont have a card that and finish them, With the convert they can kill themself. 4 pips ( advoid spam ) 85% accuracy

Myth- Revive- Take damage now to use to revive once defeated, This spell is a X pip you will take 25 damage per pip, once ANYONE on your team is defeated they will be revived with that damage you took before. Backfire- it doesnt heal much at all and it works on minions.

Life- Convert Attack to Healing- Opposite of death's same stats

Balance- Shield Scan- This spell scans the other teams schools and creates a 80% of that school. X pips ( 1 pips per player max is 4 ) 85% accurate
2 spells needed for easier gameplay-

First turn - i noticed this in pvp when facing a equal rival, the person with first attack usually wins, this is because first attack is a huge advantage, we basicly need a spell given to everyone sometime around marlybone that changes who has first attack

More enemies for more buffs- When doing a item finding quest on the streets it can be a pain that when your alone and you can only fight 2 at a time, this spell lets you make someone else join the other team and boosts one of your stats so your equal. This spell is mostly just to do quests faster