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battle screen change

Aug 31, 2008
I have had the idea of asking wizard101 for a while about the battle screen, And now I've finally mustered up the courage to speak. I've liked how the battle screen looked when you run into it and your waiting to join the battle, Why not keep the battle screen veiw like that, see how it's like, If anyone wants to support or go against me on this idea just reply to my message, thank you, and good bye. :D

Never be afraid to speak up, young Wizard! We always want to hear what our students have to say.

I just want to ask you for some clarification on your question.

Do you mean the camera angle?

Have you tried turning the 2d combat display on and off to see which style you like better? You can do this through your options panel, which you can reach by pressing Esc, and looking on the third page.

Aug 31, 2008
Thank you very much professer greyrose i will try this out and see which suits me.

Justin DragonBlood Level36 Thaumaturge