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battle glitch

Oct 07, 2012
I was completing the quest "no pain no agravaine" In avalon yesterday, in which you battle agravaine, a storm boss with around 11,000 health. I cast "Dr. Von's monster" and had all my traps and blades on. The spell did around 11,500 damage, which I thought was enough to defeat him. The ring that indicates health on the inside of where agravaine stood was gone, yet it switched to his turn, even though it should have gone to the screen where you choose cards. He cast an "icezilla" but instead of hitting me, the card choosing screen came up while the icezilla stomped and then disappeared. The box above agravaine's body telling me his health wasn't there either. It changed to his minions turn, and agravaine disappeared. I was able to complete the quest and get my card though. has this happened to anyone else with any other boss or enemy in general?