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Baron of Nightmares issues

May 23, 2008
I submitted a bug, but was wondering if anyone else was having issues with this quest?

Family got together for our weekly game session and after finishing the holiday quests we were left with "Baron of Nightmares". Being way too low level we decided to try it knowing we likely would not be able to complete it.

During the battle the life mage was defeated but after a couple of rounds a sprite was cast on him and he was revived. On the next turn he was gaining no more pips, and always had the same spells.

At the end of the battle only one person had survived and the life mage was alive in his 'bugged' state. The final Mob was showing with 0/1000 and no credit was given for completion.

Had the life mage been working I believe that everyone would have been revived, regardless one person survived and got no credit using flee to get out in the end.

So the questions:
1) Should reviving someone at zero work? We had done it in beta, but not since retail
2) Are others having issues completing this quest?
3) We have 4xlevel 12 mages - could that be causing issues?

There is a known issue when a mob gets down to exactly 0 health. That is probably causing the no-credit issue.

Yes, some life spells can revive a defeated player.

As for not gaining pips and having the same spells, I will have to personally look into this issue. Imagine! A rogue life spell! Unheard of! Life spells are usually quite well behaved, you know.