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Baron Mordecai - Hallowe'en Event

Sep 19, 2008
If this fight is intended for level 40+ players, than the quest should not be available to me. I am a level 21 Necro.

I just wanted to make note that the fight to kill Baron Mordecai is extremly hard. I have tried that fight with 2 to 4 players and not once were we able to kill it. His minions are constantly debuffing to the extent that you do almost no damage at all and the little bit of damage that you do is rapidly healed making the fight even longer than it needs to be. We spend more time healing or buffing up all the debuffs tossed at us by the NPCs, than damage.

In the end, we either died or had to Flee.

Sep 15, 2008
I Killed Him

A Level 21 Adept Diviner (Mark Thundersword)

With An Apperintice Wizard

But He Didn't Survive

Sep 10, 2008
:DI Beat Baron Moredacai By Myself/With My Summon And Im A Level 24 Diviner!

Jul 12, 2008
I'm doing then other "Halloween Quests" and recieving a bunch of black cat treasure cards, but I have a couple of suggestions.

1. Don't worry about debuffs. Attack with powerful spells. Actually, use wand/staff spells to get them off.
2. Use treasure cards.

Got to go watch a movie! :D

Sep 20, 2008
im a level 37 sorceror and i beat him with a lvl 29 necromancer easily

Sep 08, 2008
I have heard many people wishing that there was a Black Cat pet with an actual Black Cat card. Actually, that would be kind of cool, and I definately would not mind having a 100% accurate level 1 spell. So, I am wondering:

Does the big boss fight, the Baron, or, the boss fights in the halloween towers in Ravenwood, drop a Black Cat pet with the Black Cat card?

I realize that a 100% accurate damage spell is perhaps a bit overpowered, but you would only have ONE copy of that card in your spell book, and its not exactly that strong of a card, especially once you hit worlds like Marleybone and Mooshu.

I am asking if anyone actually had a pet with the card drop from any of the new boss fights. Please reply, giving me some juicy info on which boss I could clobber for a unique pet, with its own unique spell.

Sep 08, 2008
I have heard some friends tell me that they would want a Black Cat pet that comes with its own Black Cat card.

Actually I would want that pet too. Does the pet drop from any of the new halloween boss fights?

Please let us know, and let us know which boss we would have to clobber to obtain it. :) (If it exists.)

The Black Cat cards are only available as a Treasure Card, and only available for a limited time!

The Black Cat pet does not and will not have a card associated with it, this too is an item that is only available to purchase for a short time, and once it is gone, it will not be available again.

Jul 12, 2008
Aug 20, 2008
Level 22 Mythologist. I beat him, though of course I had help from my trusty Cyclops, Bob!

Sep 08, 2008
Those two posts back to back were unintentional, lately, I have been experiencing a lot of problems with the forums page, getting lots of error messages, having to backtrack or rewrite my posts.

Apparently the first post I have written did indeed go through onto the moderation step, despite the error.

Apologies for the double post.

And thank you, Professor Greyrose, for answering my question. :) I have many Black Cat treasure cards, and I like their sound effects.

May 22, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:

The Black Cat pet does not and will not have a card associated with it, this too is an item that is only available to purchase for a short time, and once it is gone, it will not be available again.

I just checked Spooky Bob and he is now selling Black Cats that do come with a black cat card. Not sure when that changed, but I sure appreciate it! Thanks! :D

Jun 07, 2008
i did it, but his minion .... sheesh he nearly took me out .You need to kill the minion first to kill mordaci

Jun 21, 2008
I have a low level wizard (under lvl 20) with another low level wizard and we defeated Mordecai. We made friends with each other before going in. As one of us were killed, the other would continue fighting while the other refueled. Then when it seemed like both of us were going to die, I called a lvl 40 friend who had just came on and was life and she help us straightened that Mordecai out pretty quickly.

My other student who was level 30 something Balance with Life as secondary school was able to defeat Mordecai alone.

Oct 14, 2008
I beat him at level 10/15 or so with a sorcerer, with a level 7/8 diviner friend. He died once, but he used his vial and teleported back to me.

Later, I killed him alone with that same sorcerer, level 20. Later, I went in with two others with me, and made the mistake of using power play. It didn't do much, and I died.

If you use the right strategy, you win. If you use bad strategy, you lose. As shown when I nearly killed two people that kept healing with that same level 22 sorcerer. If I hadn't fizzled that storm shark, I would have won, even though they had helephants and stormzillas.

Yep, strategy.

Sep 25, 2008
Halloween is over now, so I don't care about this quest anymore. Next year they should have easier halloween quests. Trick or treating and the apple tubs were fun though.