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Jun 30, 2008

Not sure if this has been mentioned somewhere else so I'll just ask for imput if it hasn't and apologize later if it's already been posted on.

As the quests are no longer redoable for experience what about making the badges, and the various levels in some of those, worth experience?

It has the benefit of not being repeatable. The experience could be regulated according to difficulty to complete the single stage quests. Perhaps a bonus of some type could be awarded for completing a multi-stage badge The multi-stage could take into account the over-all number needed to complete the stage to gauge experience given.

I'm not a coder but it seems that this would not take up much room to code into the game. I could be totally wrong, of course, being basically computer illiterate.

Just a thought. Thanks for the game. I enjoy it and appreciate the people working on it like they're possessed...which they probably are.