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Bad Targetting Bug

Oct 01, 2010
If you are in a dungeon (have mostly seen it in Morganthe) and anyone flees other than the last person, the targetting for blades and other spells gets messed up.

An example is that if you are in third position and the second wizard flees, if you cast a blade (or heal) by clicking on your own picture, it will cast on the fourth person. This happens in all spots in that the spell goes one to the left of where it should cast.

Jul 11, 2013
My suggestion would be to when you're casting it on yourself, click your name.

Jul 13, 2013
Yes I have noticed this in PVP a couple times also.

Aug 20, 2011
The fleeing glitch is a potential glitch in in every duel. I see it a lot in Practice PvP, where players who only stay if they are going to win flee pretty often. I honestly gave up that anyone would ever try to fix this, but I would like to see it fixed.

If any player ahead of you in the rotation flees and you haven't selected a target yet,
  • all targets are shifted one clockwise position (does not affect non-target spells)
  • if there is no player occupying that newly targeted position, you are forced to pass your turn even though it appears that you are still doing something

Oct 01, 2010
Lucas described it in a better and more accurate way then I originally posted.

If it has been brought to KI's attention before, it is surprising that it has not been fixed immediately. "Targetting" is a central part of the game engine. This is not a typo bug or glitch in one room but a bug in the basic engine.

Can someone from KI at least tell us that they have brought this to the attention of the coders.