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Awful pvp glitch cost me the match.

Feb 07, 2011
I'm a magus. And, because I face grandmasters who have decks almost 3 times the size of mine, I like to carry multiple reshuffles ('cause I can hold that note all day, lol).

Anyway, I cast a shuffle on myself, and... it did nothing. My cards stayed gone; I did not get them back, and subsequently lost the match (and my commander rank) because I ran out of cards. Even the spectators in the crowd who saw me cast it thought it was weird that I didn't get any cards back.

Can KI please fix this before other people lose rank and waste TC because of this (and before I must lower myself to crying little wizard tears into your morning coffee)?

-the former and future Commander VonSauce

Dec 05, 2012
it may have just been a one in a time glitch. if it happens again then email KI.

Jun 08, 2012
Never heard that one before, but like Blaze said, I wouldn't worry about it since no others have had the problem before, well that had reported it at least. Meaning it's a rare, one in a million, glitch. But best of luck on getting Commander back!!