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Automatic Realm Placement

Oct 05, 2016
My family and I have noticed the last few days after the last maintenance, that when we sign in to any wizard on our accounts that we are automatically placed into one of the full or crowded realms. We tend to stay in the quiet realms away from the crowds of teens and groups that form. We play as a family so we usually don't need any extra players. It has just became a pain that every time we log into every single wizard we have to change realms and port to each other to get started. Is there a way this can be changed back to the way it was before? Has anyone else noticed this?

KingsIsle recently made this change in the last update. I would check your gameplay settings and make sure you have "Remember Realm" checked. :)

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Oct 05, 2016
Wow! I didn't even see that. Thank you so much. I am changing all of my wizards now and so are the rest of the family. They snuck that one in on us lol.