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+Attack modifiers useless

Oct 16, 2008
When you get a +1 attack robe you think it'd do more than just one extra damage. While I can see where in the end it would be useful occasionally, I bought the best equipment my very very hard earned gold could buy and still only had a few extra points an attack, while my tier two attacks were doing above two hundred. I think that just like the defense that this should be done in percentages instead of doing less than 1% before you're out of Wizard City or even level 10.

Sep 08, 2008
Oh yea, I can see what you mean.

I had the exact same concept for my Storm wizard when I first started him out in Unicorn Way. Before I actually hit Krokotopia, I had invested in only the best damage equipment that gold could buy, totalling about +7 damage before I had the change of heart.

+7 damage to your spells is perhaps pretty good, but there was a huge downfall to this. I was a Storm wizard. My health was BARELY at 700 when I reached Krokotopia. Needless to say, I had a hard time surviving fights.

Later on, especially in Mooshu, you will get what you asked for, you will be able to battle bosses for all the +damage gear you could want. The ultimate in Storm equipment would give a Storm wizard +26% damage to all their thunder attacks. +26% damage boost!!

Now, I am not sure how much of a damage boost a Life wizard would get, or an Ice wizard, but I know Life and Death get Power pip percentages as well.

Just hang in there, and work towards the upper levels. Your chance for the ultimate in wizard equipment will come.

Aug 20, 2008
At the levels where you're wandering around Wizard City, a typical spell is rank 2, doing between 150 - 250 points of damage.

1% of that is going to be 1-2 points of damage, depending on how you decide to round it off. At that level, giving a straight +3 (the smallest I've seen) is more useful then giving a percentage bonus to fighting strength.

At the later levels where you've been introduced to Krokotopia and Sunken City, you're in your teens and starting on rank 3 spells. At that point, it makes more sense to get +3% than +3 points. Coincidentally enough, the Rank 3 bosses and minions all start dropping gear that has +X% fighting values on them instead of straight point bonuses.

The best advice I can give you - level up!