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As a life mage

Feb 05, 2009
1. I find it funny death mobs including the great malistaire himself do not cast life shield. (At least the two times I have fought him I have not seen it)

2. Since sanctuary extends beyond the battle field could it be programmed to to heal people extra if the collide with a healing pip or allow other outside the battle field to regenerate as if there in a safe area. Life mages helping other that is. maybe even extended range twice as far to increase this affects idea.

3. Could we have an additional 4 to 10 rounds after combat to heal up as an a settings option.

4. If 3 is implemented a new minion sacrifice: (This is for all people not just life mages).

Class: Myth
Trainer: Hidden minion spell trainer in kroktopia
Usable only after all foes are defeated.
Only castable on your minion
Spell Cost: 0
Effect: sacrifices minion for the effect of a 1/4 power mana pip

2. In reference to number two. can there be safe zones within pve zones , were you slowly regenerate health because some place have safe areas (like around quest givers). Even cooler would be localized other zones like wyldfire zones, darkwind zones, legendary zones. These areas could be weaker than the global though. This might give a whole new dynamic to bosses too. For example (the top of big ben tower, being a legend zone & doom and gloom combo, simply because it's legendary part of marylbone and the boss presence.