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arena glitch

Jul 02, 2011
so me and my friend joined the arena for fun and we waited for a bit and after that the thing shows up(where we have to go to arena thing)and then I went outside the arena. so when I got inside the arena, my friend is already battling and I was left out. I ported to him and I was not in the battle but I was in ring thing is this a glitch????

lvl 63 wizard

Dec 08, 2012
I really don't know PvP very well but I do know that what happened there is a glitch. It's not too often but your computer may have delayed you into going in the Arena therefore you was not able to join the battle. Like, your computer may have been slow on loading at that moment and therefore, the battle timer thing has reached 0 before your computer loaded your there. If this is not the case, then just know that that's just a rare glitch that very rarely happens. I've once made a Practice Pet Derby race and then once it was made, I've waited. Eventually, I saw it say the race is ready and whatnot so I clicked on "Go To Arena (or race?)". When I saw my pet on the race track, well, at that time, my pet was actually the ONLY pet in the rare LOL. It was probably because the timer ran out before anyone could join my race??? Well, I can tell you this one thing for sure, that was the EASIEST race I've ever done in Pet Derby, I've won in 1st place since no one else was there XD. Once again with your glitch, don't worry, that won't happen all the time, that rarely happens but there are those times that it DOES happen so don't be surprised if it rarely happened again.