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Are we allowed to set up Treasure Card trades

May 24, 2008
Although I've played since beta, I've just encountered a problem with crafting a rare item. I am a Life wizard and the item I want to craft requires treasure cards not in my school. This particular card does not show up in the bazaar very often since it is very popular for dueling.

Is it all right to solicit a trade here on the forums (i.e., I state what I need, what I have to trade, and set up a meeting in game with the other player)? My suspicion is that this would be frowned upon but I would like a ruling.

If it is against the rules (of forum or game), would it be possible to set up a treasure card trade hall in game where players from different schools would be able to meet to make such trades? I suppose a wizard could walk up and down the Commons requesting the trade but that seems a little clunky to me.

Thanks very much.