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Are Silver Trumpet Vines still bugged?

Aug 20, 2011
Was this seed ever fixed?

When I planted this seed previously, it could wilt in under 10 hours. Leave in the morning and it shows no needs, dead by the time you come home. I later read that this was a bug, and that even experienced gardeners doing 4x a day plantcare couldn't sustain it. No one I ask has experienced this with any other plant, including those ranked at a harder difficulty.

So, I did a few Waterworks runs with a new character, and won about 10 Silver Trumpets along the way. I thought about planting them. But, since I can't justify scheduling my whole day around "suicide watch" plants, I thought I would ask here first. Fixed?

Dec 30, 2009
Acording to http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/House:Silver_Trumpet_Vine
They are still bugged.
It's not worth the hassle in my opinion to deal with bugged plants like the Silver Trumpet Vines.
If you want a plant with good drops, farm for couch potato in gh.

Aug 20, 2011
Thanks for the link. I read that too and thought maybe it was outdated, but maybe not. I will put them in my bank for now, I guess...

Lydia Greyrose: Could we pretty please get the seed fixed? Silver Trumpets are a great source for Balanceblade cards, great to have on hand when you need to boost teammates.