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arcane house and bundle issues

Apr 22, 2010
i have to say i was completely disappointed with this bundle, usually i get a bundle and find something useful if at all but this is the first i couldn't use anything! the mount is kinda silly to me and the pet as well i got if for the house and possible gear, however the house turned out to suck and be hard to do with constant attempts to build house and default pick ups you never selected. also running out of materials like roof and floor to ceiling items. then finally building a functional house i realized i can't put hardly anything in it cause the walls count as some of your items! this is a fail in my book. and i also feel the gear was not advertised very well pertaining to what schools would benefit from it! it is death school everyone so any other school wouldn't benefit my school (fire) or really anyone else. even the weapon sucked. and all the newer gear for 100 is awful period good luck finding better than lvl 95. unless your death school don't buy the arcane bundle so not worth it.

Sep 19, 2013
1. I think they're going to fix the walls.
2. I think you may have accidentally hit yourself on the head with the bundle wand... It is not a Death school bundle, it is completely universal. You get Pierce, Disarm, and Infection item cards, which are pretty much used by all schools, and a death wand, which is actually worse for a death wizard.