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Another Glitch with "Big hits"

Aug 21, 2010
Here to report another glitch.
A while back I hit 8 million on the Sea Lord and it showed up as -8 million, anyway i decided it was time again to hit my biggest hit.

I had basicly the same buffs but this time i had 3 supercharges and i criticaled, thats an additional 140% 168% and 168% (amulet and treasure) and 100% from the critical. So my calculations say it should have hit around 230 million.

Anyway I did it with 3 friends and their screen was showing different than mine, one of them said they saw my 168% supercharge being removed. My screen showed a myth shield but multiple shatter and pierce didn't remove it and i ended up hitting... 600000?

Even through a -80 shield i should have hit somewhere near 45 million, but no. Funny thing is my friends said that they saw no shield and it hit 100million exactly (I would guess that 100 mil is the biggest hit) i have no recording of my friends screen but the last 10 minutes leading up to the hit and the hit, I did record, and there is no way could I have hit only 600'000.
This is a copy of my plans what exactly i used. I can't be bothered to do the math but it doesn't add up (if you'll pardon the pun ;)

feint treasure
feint amulet
balance blade amulet
balance blade treasure
balance blade
hex item card
hex amulet
curse treasure
storm blade
storm blade pet
darkwind 45%
spirit trap
spirit trap treasure
elemental trap
elemental trap treasure
elemental blade
elemental blade treasure
myth trap
myth trap amulet
myth trap treasure
windstorm amulet x2
windstorm treasure
storm trap
storm trap amulet
storm trap treasure
dark pact
dark pact treasure
supercharge amulet
supercharge treasure

With a storm prism properly placed, and a treasure gargantuan on leviathan (base hit of 1280) and natural 85% boost.

Any ideas?

May 10, 2010
Well, not too long ago, maybe 2 weeks ago, my friend Kestrel StormRunner and I, set out to do the same thing, give her a grand finale retirement hit.

She wanted the biggest hit possible.

So, we used all the traps, blades, and feints, that you did, including more that you missed.

Pet Feint, Pet Balance Blade, etc.

We actually got a screen shot of the damage done and there was no shield at all.

1.5 Million!!!

Should have done close to a billion if not more. So, my estimation is that there is now a damage cap.

We all saw the exact same thing. The final zero was scrunched, so it might have meant there was more, but, considering we saw 150000o with the last 0 Bigger, just thinner.

Not sure what the deal is.

Aug 21, 2010
Well thanks for that reply,
It is just as i thought, disapointing really, as i liked building up big hits but something is glitched there for sure.

Do KI have anything to say on the matter?