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Animation Glitch with Virulence Spell

Jun 28, 2012
Hi, it's not a major thing just thought i'd report it in case no one else has. But whenever i cast blades with virulence my blades stick, this happens EVERY time, no matter what order they are cast in. It doesn't effect them working, they still break, it's just an animation glitch. I wondered if it was just me or if everyone was having the problem.

Also, on occasion when i cast the same spell, Virulence, and my character is hit, she stays in the jump position, (it looks like she's squatting down) and she stays that way even after the duel is over, causing me to be unable to board my mount. I have to sign out of the game and back in to get her unstuck. This has only happened a few times.

Thanks we spotted this one as well, and will address it in a content update in the new year.