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An item stuck to my wall

Sep 24, 2008
Today I started decorating my new Watchtowr Hall. I put a shelf up on the wall, one that you buy from the housing merhcant in Northguard. Then I put a book on it. After that, I tried to move it around, but the book stayed stuck in the wall, while the shelf moved. I can not click on the book to move or turn it.

Is there anyway to fix this (besides picking up everything)?

You can pick up the book by opening the attic and selecting the zone tab. Look for the book and select move to backpack.

Could you please reply with the name of the book and a description of which wall in which room it was stuck on?


May 20, 2010
It sounds like the game is treating it as a painting.

Try moving the shelf away and then moving the "book".

In any case, you should send in a ticket to Support, describing the problem, the exact name of the shelf, and the exact name of the book. Bringing the problem to KingsIsle's attention by submitting a detailed bug reports is a good way for us to get things fixed.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
That has happened to me a couple of times. I've found that if I leave my house completely, then return later, it seems to "reset" enough that I can once again click on the item and pick it up.

Good luck!

Sep 24, 2008
The book that got stuck in the wall was "Traps and transformation."
When you first enter the Watchtower Hall, the smaller room immediatly to the left is the room. On the same wall as the entrance door.

I hope that helps!

Sep 24, 2008
I'm sorry I forgot to mention this in my previous post, I encountered another similar problem in the Watchtower Hall.

At the top of the house, to the right of the waterfall, on the built in stone shelf, my "small candle" got stuck. I had others up, but this was the one that was closest to the wall.