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an arrow gone an vacation?

Feb 21, 2013
hello to everyone, and i have a very weird and confusing question. why was it when the grand arena master in krototobia telling me to talk to amahte the great, but i have no arrow to guide me. is this a glitch, or has this happened to anyone else before. so fat, this is the only quest i have ran into this problem with.

Aug 10, 2010
If you still see the words at the bottom of screen but no arrow, the quest does not allow the Quest Helper Arrow. Sort of like Zeke's Hide-And-Seek Type quests, you'd have to find them. If there are no words at the bottom of the screen, use this helpful shortcut: Hold down Control and hit T. This will allow the Quest Helper Arrow to be on.

Hope I helped

Grace Goldenleaf, Kayla Unicornleaf, Natalie Iceblossom

The wizard trio

Feb 26, 2012
I have had this happen too upon occasion. Usually it is fixed by logging off of Wizard101 completely and logging back on again. But there was a time in Avalon that my arrow always pointed whatever direction I was going, and did not point to my quests. Logging of and on did nothing. That was a bug I had to report to KI to get fixed.

Apr 13, 2013
Some quests do not alow arrows to help you, like the yarbirds. It might say no arrow alowed or something like that.