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All new PvP minigames

Jan 18, 2009
I just had some ideas to spice up some PvP a little bit...

With some new PvP minigames. Here are the ideas I had:

Idea 1)

For 8 people

There would be two teams of four. They would be placed randomly on some street, which would be the game arena, and the street would be about the length of the Triton Avenue central mill to the Haunted Cave entrance (or make it adjustable), and the object of the game would be to kill all players on the opposing team. Here's the catch: You don't know who is on which team, and anybody can go into combat with anybody, even if they are on the same team!

When two players confront each other, they would go into combat.

Also, an option of 'alliance', where if two allied players confront each other, they don't go into combat. An alliance, though, doesn't affect which side of a combat they will enter if they do enter a combat.

When players enter a combat already existing, they will go on the side in which more people of their team are on and/or less people of the opposing team are on (done automatically, of course). If both teams are even in team members and opponents, they will go on a random side.

When a combat starts, if there are any number of players of both teams, the combat will be 'sorted' (there will be one side for the first team and one side for the second). If all the people who initially start the combat are on the same team, they are set up randomly, with the number of wizards on each team as close as possible.

To start the game, I was thinking another area could be made, perhaps through a tunnel off the commons, where there would either be an interface like the Arena one, where options could be adjusted and games made/joined/spectated, or there could just be a number of tunnels with an instance sigil formation for eight players that lead to the arena of the game.

Idea 2) Capture the flag. In this game, there would be two teams, and the object of the game is to venture into your opponent's side of the field and grab their flag, and return to you side of the field and take their flag to your flag holder.

Each team would have a 'sanctuary'. This would be a safe area where no combat can occur and no opponents can enter. Perhaps there could be some mana wisps in there.

Perhaps every player could be given a certain color glow signifying their team. Combat can only happen between opponents, and you always join the side of the combat of your team. Combat can occur anywhere except in sanctuaries.

If killed, you would be transported to the enemy's 'jail' (I was trying to think of a nicer word, but I can't seem to get one). There, when a teammate of yours manages to enter that area, they would get to choose one player to free, which would then be teleoprted, with their rescuing teammate, to their side's sanctuary.

There could be an option to choose your preferred field. Some ideas I had are, firstly, of a system of roads that twist and turn with multiple ways to get to the opposing flag; perhaps a net of roads with, at the center, a divider that splits the two sides, and at either end in the center of the last streets parallel to the divider, the two flag holders. Jail areas would be off opposite corners, and sanctuaries would be on the corners of the field that the jails aren't on. Another idea is just a wide, open field with flag holders at either end. Jails would bee off to one side of a team's field half, and sanctuaries on the opposite.

Idea 3) A little more mysterious version of capture the flag. You don't know who is on which team. Combat is identical to that mentioned in Idea 1, and the object of the game is the same as in Idea 2. The workings would be pretty much the same as idea 2, except there would be no sanctuaries or jails. Once killed, you're out.

Those are my ideas for the games. Now for the rewards discussion.

I was thinking that arena tickets could be renamed "game tickets", and some extra rewards be added that you can redeem these tickets for. Preferrably some interesting pets. Or, the systems of these minigames could just be seperate from the Arena and the tickets of these games could be redeemed for pets, other items, and perhaps gold or potion fills.

And please post any ideas, comments or suggestions! And thanks for reading!

Feb 05, 2009
Seems though you would need to completely disable chat also in the first idea though.

Feb 27, 2009
Jan 18, 2009
gregac6 wrote:
Seems though you would need to completely disable chat also in the first idea though.

Well, not even you would know what team you were on! You'd just go into the arena and have no idea who's who. It also makes it exciting in that it is a teast of trust and can be very interesting to see how people might help or trick others.