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All my old friends cannot be viewed

Nov 16, 2012
So I went on a long break from Wizard101, which was about a few months. During those few months I had to delete and reinstall wizard101. When I came back I went to my friends list to see who was online. Nobody was online so I checked the "All Friends" section of my list. I clicked on a friend's name and all that came up was that doodle picture. I couldn't view their stats, characters, or anything. the only option was to delete. I tried this on all my old friends and nothing worked. Why could this be?

Oct 22, 2011
It's because you went on a long break and their picture is not updated. They are still on your friend list, it's just that you haven't 'seen' them in the game, therefore their picture and stats are not up-to-date.

You should not have deleted your friends. They are still there .....

Nov 16, 2012
I never deleted them, but the only options I had while I clicked their name was to either just delete or ignore them

Nov 16, 2012
So I went on a big break from Wizard101, about a few months. in the process, I deleted wizard101. I reinstalled it a few days ago, came back online, viewed the "All Friends" section of my friends list and all my friends had the doodle guy as their picture, and I couldn't view their stats. I don't think they are active anymore, but I just want to view their stats. Is there anything I can do to fix this? :(

As Brynner said, the doodle image showed up just because you haven't seen them in a while. Next time you see them online everything will update and it will be fine.