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Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Dec 24, 2009
I was doing that quest where I had to fight two bosses. I died the first time so I had a friend help me. I died so I fled, used a potion, and came back. The whole thing took about five seconds. When I came back, the life boss Shemazan Blightmark, died from damage over time. We finished off the minion/boss Popzotz Unlucky Day and he had to leave. Before I left, I noticed quest finder still said Defeat Shemazan Blightmark. Idid most of the damage to that boss, my DoT killed it, why didn't I get the credit for it? I was in the ring at the time, but I wasn't casting spells yet. I was still there for the start of the battle and the end. I understand this way people can't just let their friend go in and kill the boss then they just port in for the minion but still. It should work that if you damage the boss and you're there for the start and the end of the fight, you still get credit for it. Anybody agree?

Richard BattleStone lvl 86

Sep 19, 2013
Not a bug. You weren't in the battle, so you don't get credit. Fight him again.