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after the sand squid tentacle quest

Sep 01, 2012
hey wizards

while i was with my friends in atlantea, we went to do the sand squid tentacle quest. but before that, i was in the hatchery when i saw someone with a trident like triton. i checked what it was called and it was the trident of shock waves. i searched it up (because i thought the person stitched it) and saw that it it wasnt the only trident, there were others when i also saw they were from sand squid tentacle. i realized i was up to that quest and should do it. so me and 3 friends went to do it. after we finished it, i was crossing my fingers for the death trident so i can stitch it or put it in my house (don't remember its name). then i didnt get it. i did get sad but then i realized i can do it again after i go turn in the quest. i turned in the quest and i thought i should just check if the tentacles were there in case i wanna do it another time or farm for the trident. so when i checked, the tentacles werent in poseidon adventure after the quest. i got really angry and thought, well there goes my chance of getting the trident. and you might be saying i can go get it from cronus, but i'm not lvl 90 so it was a problem. KI plz make the sand squid tentacles always available for farming plz plz plz. i really want that trident badly. plz KI make it available anytime even after you finished the quest. Plz KI. Plz make it always be available for farming or just fun battling

character information: (in case you want to add me)
name: Malvin deathwalker. Class: . level: 80.

Mar 27, 2011
What? You can farm the Sand Squid any time as long as you are level70+ and can get to Atlantea. Try logging off and back on if you need to reset the instance.