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After I subscribed I could not see my name or badg

Sep 25, 2008
Hi, I was wondering why free players can see thier own name and badge over their head. But after you subscribe, you can't see your own, but others can see your name and badge?

I was just wondering is this normal or is it a error in game?

Thanks for any help and replies!!

From Mary Windstrider

There are several options for what names you see - in game hit your ESC key, which will bring up an options panel.

You will find a setting in your Options panel called "Show Names".
The selections are now
Everyone (shows all names, people, pets things and residents of Wizard City)
None (shows no names at all)
Players (shows all player names only but not residents or things)
Non Players (shows all residents, and things, but not players)
All Others (shows everyone but yourself)

If you have your "Show Names" view set to "Non-Players" you can still move your cursor over someone to see their name appear above their head! If you have your "Show Names" view set to none, you can still move your cursor over other players, shopkeepers and residents, as well as creatures to see their name and title.

You may want to adjust this setting to suit your play style.

Sep 25, 2008
Thankyou for your help, setting it to everyone in options, works. I can now see my name.

From Mary Windstrider